Thursday, February 8, 2018

Book Review: Whisper by Mark Batterson

This book teaches that God whispers (still small voice), and the reason he speaks that way is so we will draw close to him. It also teaches that he has an outside voice (which I feel like I know all too well from some other people's prayers). It explains many other ways God speaks also and who he spoke to in those ways in the Bible. The author explains ways that he has heard God and how he moved in his life and the congregation he leads. He also uses some modern examples to explain ancient principals. There is a section called "The Seven Love Languages of God", which are Scripture, Desires, Doors, Dreams, People, Promptings, and Pain. There is a chapter dedicated to each of the love languages which seem to go sort of deep into how the author thinks God speaks to people in these ways.

I learned through this book that we not only listen with our ears but with our eyes and hearts. I was able to put this into the action in my life recently while keeping silent when I couldn't understand someone's actions and just tried to look into the person's heart to understand what the person was going through. Trying to listen this way immediately seemed to soften the person.

I am glad that this book confirmed I hear God's outside voice sometimes. I like how some words are given in Hebrew with the meanings, such as the Hebrew word for "whisper" is demamah and can be translated "calmness", "silence", or "stillness".

The reference of a sick person who couldn't talk much or at all who was able to recite Psalm 119 (page 72) got my attention since I am going through a study that shows me some deeper things about the Hebrew alef-bet (alphabet) being used in it. So, I feel like God created a deeper interest to learn more about that chapter of the Bible from reading this book.

I feel that what I learned from this book did a great job of opening the eyes of my heart a little bit more!

My Review= 5 out of 5 stars

I received a hard copy of this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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