Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Book Review: Oh Susannah: It's in the Bag by Carole P. Roman, Illustrated by Mateya Arkova

This review is meant for parents, teachers, and other people that work with children to read.

Susannah is a third grader who has busy parents. She is afraid to tell them she didn't complete her hard homework the night before. She puts her unfinished homework in her backpack because she doesn't want her parents to see it. That is her first problem. As she encounters more problems she doesn't know how to solve, she puts them in her backpack. Some of the problems are related with school work while others deal with situations and food. The backpack becomes so heavy with problems she can't carry it anymore and the backpack with all its contents sort of explode everywhere.

I think children will be able to understand the comparison taught in this book of how the problems they (people) carry can stack up if they don't deal with them or get help solving them. If they carry too many of them they will feel overwhelmed and like they are carrying a huge bag over their shoulders that will stay full until they get the help they need or those problems will often overflow into other areas of their lives. I really like how this book teaches that it is okay to ask for help.

This book is probably mostly made for elementary school age children. It contains short chapters and is 34 pages long.

My review= 5 out of 5 stars

I received this book free for the purpose of reviewing it. 

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