Friday, July 7, 2017

Book Review: If You Were Me And Lived In... Cuba by Carole P. Roman, Illustrated by Kelsea Wierenga

This review is meant for parents, teachers, and other people that work with children to read.

If You Were Me and Lived in...Cuba is another great addition to the A Child's Introduction to Culture Around the World series! It follows the format of the other books in the series. In the introduction a Cuban-looking boy and girl point to where Cuba is on the globe. It then goes on to talk about the Republic of Cuba and the capital of Cuba. Popular Cuban boys and girls names are given as well as what you would call your mom, dad, and grandmother if you lived in Cuba. It also explains popular foods, tourist attractions, a Cuban festival, sports, what money and school is called in Cuba. There is also a glossary in the back of the book defining Cuban (Spanish) words used in the story into English.

Not only will children learn a lot from the information in this book but adults can too! It was interesting to learn that Havana, the capital of Cuba was founded by Spanish explorers and what an archipelago is. I also learned that participating in sporting events in Cuba is a very important part of life there.

As with the rest of the books in this series, children should easily follow it since it follows the format of the other books. The information learned from this book can be written in a comparison chart with information from the other books in the series to compare the differences of different cultures in different countries in the world!

My review= 5 out of 5 stars

I received this book free for the purpose of reviewing it.

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