Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Book Review: Chazown: Discover and Pursue God's Purpose for Your Life (Revised and Updated Edition) by Craig Groeschel

"Chazown" is a Hebrew word meaning "dream" and also means "revelation", or "vision". The teachings in this book go through five different spokes of chazown; the spokes include: relationship with God, relationships with people, finances, health and fitness, and work. It contains a lot of different subjects, such as one teaches that God speaks to people in different ways and gives examples of different ways that he spoke to people in the Bible. An example of another teaching is that you may have received a dream, vision, or revelation from God but he often puts people through a time of training. It also contains a discussion study guide and appendix for deeper teachings on the subject of chazown. The chapters within the sections were usually very short, which gives people time to think and journal about what they just read.

I learned that chazown are the God-given passions and dreams he created inside of people. The teachings in this book helped me to want to strive for them more by finding ways to get them started. Another important thing it taught me is to try harder to keep my mouth shut during some tough situations that I need to stay quiet about.  
The teachings on finances were kind of hard for me to take in because I have been in a place in my life where I have had financial loans for cars and other things and also a time when I was able to pay for some big purchases in full. To me, financial loans can make financial payments more bearable for some people if they don't have a huge lump sum of money to pay for something; in that way I think they can be a blessing for people that are not able to pay in full for vehicles, homes, etc. I personally don't believe it is always considered bondage when we have to get a financial loan. I do understand what the author was explaining though that we can get in too deep when we keep charging and financing everything we buy though.

I like how I was encouraged to journal certain things as I read this book and I did so. I will probably use that journal just for the teachings I learned in this book. I plan to go deeper into the book with the study questions and the exercises in the Appendix.

Since I have been learning how to write and speak Hebrew it was a huge blessing to read a book that explains a Hebrew word about dreams and visions deeper. It helped me to understand more that the meanings of Hebrew words can have more than one meaning.

(Please note this is a revised and updated version of this book)

My review= 4.5 out of 5 stars

I received this book free for the purpose of reviewing it.

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