Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Book Review: Yossi and the Monkeys: A Shavuot Story by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod, Illustrated by Shirley Waisman

This review is meant for parents, teachers, and other people that work with children to read.

Yossi doesn't have enough money for ingredients to make blintzes and braided challahs or to buy his wife flowers for Shavuot. After his wife suggests that they try to sell something to earn money he comes up with an idea to make kippahs. His wife goes to work making the kippahs and Yossi tries his best to sell them, which he is unsuccessful with doing until a monkey comes along. The monkey takes them from Yossi. He makes people laugh as they come across him and Yossi. Since he was wearing a kippah people wonder how much they are and start purchasing them. One day the monkey who Yossi has named Zelig (which means blessing) disappears and Yossi finds him a place that he is respected by his fellow monkey friends.

I liked how both Yossi and his wife worked together with his idea of selling Kippahs so they could have enough money for the Shavuot holiday. It was interesting to learn that Yossi fed Zelig the monkey apples versus bananas.

Zelig the monkey and Zelig's friends will probably make many children laugh at what they do. Children will learn from this book not only what Shavuot is but when King David's birthday is as well.

My review= 5 out of 5 stars

I received a paperback copy of this book free for the purpose of reviewing it.

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