Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Book Review: What Color is Your Parachute? 2015 by Richard N. Bolles


What Color is Your Parachute? is a great resource for job-hunters and career-changers that is updated annually. This 2015 edition includes a new section for veterans. It explains how the job market has changed since the recession in 2008, what employers now often look for, how popular resumes now are, and common ways people find jobs in today's day and age. It also explains how some of the "old fashioned" ways of receiving jobs are still helpful, such as sending a thank you note to people you come in contact with on the day of your interview.

My favorite part of the book was about the "handicap" of shyness. Some people have a hard time receiving a job if they are shy and/or quiet people, while others find employers who don't mind if they are shy and/or quiet. I also liked the "Everyone is Handicapped" section, which explains that everyone cannot do everything; people both have strengths and weaknesses that other people don't have.

I found it interesting to learn that employers are hiring people who dream of doing the jobs they have available. Also, employers are hiring part-time employees often these days because they cannot afford to give benefits. That makes sense to me because it has been easier for me to find part-time work than full-time work since 2008.

I am pretty sure I read this book as part of my course work in business school about 19 years ago. I kept the book  (it is the 1994 edition) because I remember it being helpful back then. I have found that this 2015 edition has been so helpful also and it has given me much encouragement to keep striving to find my dream job that combines all or most of my schooling and my part-time mini-dream work assignments over the last 10 years.

My Review = 5 out of 5 Stars

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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