Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Book Blog Tour: Becoming a Spiritually Healthy Family by Michelle Anthony

No parent is perfect, although all parents can strive to try to make their families more spiritually healthy. This book starts out giving an illustration of pretending to be a famous screenplay writer, powerful executive producer, and director. If we do that with God’s story of our lives we take over for him and write our own stories though…stories that only he should write. He is the only one that knows who the characters in our lives should be, and the plotline. Spiritual healthy families are made up of spiritually healthy individuals that want to follow God’s script for their lives, although he might need to “cut” into their lives to get them back on track, if they have gotten off track.

Different dysfunctional parenting styles and ways God might intervene are explained in this book. There are different Scriptures used to show a comparison of someone that might have gone through the same situations, or something someone might have done to help get their relationship with God back on track in those days. There are stories included from people to show how the information in this book applies to people in today’s day and age. The “Reflect and Respond” section at the end of each chapter helps people to think about and apply what they learned through the teachings in the book.

I liked reading about how to write a mission statement for a family. Michelle Anthony explained that her family wrote a mission statement together. She explained how they wrote it and put it into action. It involved helping people and sounded like it included people outside of their main family and outside of the walls of their congregation. I also liked reading about some lessons given from the Old Testament. Something that I still think about even though it’s been over a week since I finished this book is the “Father’s Nod”. That seems like an important affirmation for boys to receive from their fathers when they do something right and I also think girls could benefit from it also. Instead of being criticized most of the time by their fathers (and/or mothers) it’s good for children to hear what they are doing right from them too.

I believe this book is not only good for people that already have a family that wants to strive to be spiritually healthy, but also for people that think they will have one in the future. I think it contains some good foundational teachings and instructions.

My review = 5 out of 5 stars

Disclosure of material connection: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a review. 

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Michelle Anthony
 is the vice president of Learning Resources and Family Ministry Architect at David C Cook and the author of Spiritual ParentingDreaming of More for the Next GenerationA Theology of Family Ministry, and The Big God Story. Michelle has graduate degrees in Christian education, theology, and leadership and over twenty-five years of church ministry experience as a children's and family pastor. She lives in Colorado Springs and loves a good book and a cup of coffee.

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