Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Book Review: The Tabernacle: Living in Power Through Abiding Prayer by Timothy C. Dunlap

The Tabernacle: Living in Power Through Abiding Prayer takes readers into some deep learning about the Tabernacle and how its contents (furnishings) have meaning for G-d’s people today. There are drawings in the book that show readers the Tabernacle contents. It also goes deep into how to pray. The emphasis is on private praying over against supplication, praying for others (from author). There is a concentration on the Disciple’s prayer. There are also various Scripture verses to back up the information in this book. It goes into other topics such as The Name, prophecy and preaching, orthodox Jewish people, apostasy, physical, spiritual, and other considerations.

Reading this book had a lot of meaning for me because I had recently led a lesson to children about the Tabernacle and they completed an arts and crafts activity where they put some of the Tabernacle contents inside of their Tabernacles. There were some typos (or grammar/spelling errors) in this book, but they didn’t take away from the book for me because they didn’t seem to happen that often. It is possible that I might have a reviewer’s or advanced reader’s copy also. I really liked the type and antitype chart listed on page 26, comparing the contents of the Tabernacle to the human body. Now when I hear songs about the Tabernacle it will have more meaning to me, because I have already noticed that happening for me with a song that included lyrics about the “brazen altar” in it.

My review = 4.5 out of 5 stars

Disclosure of material connection: I received a free copy of this book from Bostick Communications in exchange for a review. 


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