Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Book Review: Unwrapping Lazarus by Pete Carter

In Unwrapping Lazarus Pete Carter tries to unwrap different aspects of our expectation and thinking that stop us from expressing fully the life that has been given to us by God. He explains that God doesn’t fit inside of a box but that it is easy to form a box inside of our minds that establishes boundaries in which we expect that God will express himself (paraphrased from page 229). He touches on many areas, such as freedom, angels, the Holy Spirit, expectation, family, etc.  The chapters often go deep into the areas he teaches about, such as he teaches about the differences with the kinds of minds that we can have, such as a slave’s, orphan’s, suspicious, proud mind, etc.

Upon first glance of the title of this book, I thought the whole book would go deep into the story of Lazarus but really Lazarus is only discussed briefly in this book. There is one chapter titled “Unwrapping Lazarus”, I am pretty sure I remember Lazarus being mentioned again in at least a few places in the book, and he was mentioned again at the end. The other chapters relate to different areas in which we can learn how to become unwrapped. I liked how he kept repeating how we are to do greater works than Jesus (Yeshua) did, which I also learned about from a different author in the past. I also liked learning about how an apostolic environment will be presence-centered, not program-driven.

This book will show people how even though Lazarus died and came back to life that it was still necessary for him to be unwrapped, which is what we often need to do in various areas of our lives also.

My rating = 4 out of 5 stars

Disclosure of Material Connection: Chosen Books provided a free book for me in exchange for an honest review.


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