Sunday, June 15, 2014

Book Review: It's a God Thing by Charles L. Roesel

Some congregations within the body of Jesus (Yeshua) could be missing the mark as far as ministry evangelism goes. Charles L. Roesel does a great job of explaining how Jesus was compassionate to people in so many ways, and how he often ministered to them while they were receiving care from him. He hung out with people who were hurting and needed care, and it’s the body of Christ that is also responsible for reaching out to these same kinds of people as well. Charles describes many ways that people can be compassionate to others who are from outside of their congregation walls, mainly through ministries designed to draw them into to the body of Christ…from ministries to feed the hungry, help the hurting, heal the sick, plus many more that are not as widely know about. There are also Scriptures that are shared near the back of the book about “Ministry Evangelism in the Bible” and there are also “Ideas for Ministry Evangelism”.

“Ministry evangelism is a passion for the lost and a way for the church to care for people’s deepest needs-needs that are physical, emotional, and spiritual.” (Pg XXVII). This is one of the quotes that was an inspiration to me. I do like hearing about ministries that reach out to people that need it but one concern I have is that they may feel pressured to except Jesus into their hearts by accepting care from the ministries. I want to be a part of ministries that reach out to people with compassion and care, and provide an evangelism message in a non-demanding way(s), which is what maybe the author tries to get across through this book. One thing that was mentioned in the book that has been on my heart and mind as well is how people are brought to Jesus and accept Him but they are sometimes left with no discipleship and they have to try to figure it out themselves, which I agree can and often does make many people fall away from relationship from Jesus and people within their congregations.

This book has definitely stirred up a desire in me to try to find the next ministry level in my life…to hopefully go from compassion ministries that do a good job of training you to reach out and care for people but do not have any or much evangelism training, to compassion ministries that may train me to evangelize more often. I’m looking forward to whatever the next step is.

My rating = 5 out of 5 stars

Disclosure of Material Connection: BookCrash provided a free book for me in exchange for an honest review.

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