Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Book Review: The Zero Stress Coaching Series by Dan Kass

The Zero Stress Coaching Series is an advanced reader’s copy that combines the four books in the series, written by Dan Kass. The books are: The Zero Stress Diet, Zero Stress Relationships, Zero Stress Transitions, and Zero Stress Prosperity. The information in the book explains how stress can cause all kinds of problems in each of these areas that is focused on and gives examples of trying to reduce the stress. It shows steps about how to become more connected to ourselves and lists different emotions on the “Stairway to Consciousness”. The chapters are short, giving readers a good place to stop reading if needed, or the motivation to keep reading if the past chapters have sunk really well into their minds and they want to keep reading.

I really liked how The Zero Stress Coaching Series combined the areas of diet, relationships, transitions, and prosperity because all of those areas can be affected by stress. This book seemed to make me aware that a potential illness could be waiting to happen and that stress can trigger it, and that stress could cause a new illness that might not ever occur if stress didn't occur in the first place. A technique for letting go of past painful memories was also interesting to me. A minor thing to me was that there were some typos in the book. I’m thinking those errors have been or will be corrected though because it was an advanced reader's copy that I read. For that reason I am not deducting any points for the typos. Potential / future readers might like to know that there are some exercises in the book where they can try to visualize something that Dan Kass is teaching them so that they can strive for zero stress.

Highlights for me from each book in the book combo:

The Zero Stress Diet: The seesaw “The Zero Stress Diet” chart (on page 31 of the combo book). It indicated certain foods at the end of both sides of the seesaw that can tip the seesaw over if too much of those foods are eaten.

Zero Stress Relationships: When we replay memories from the past it’s like the stressful events are still happening to us, which is what our brain pretty much tells us. This affects our current relationships and can disable us from going forward in some cases.

Zero Stress Transitions: About 85% of the population is experiencing their “off” emotions, causing them to lose out on higher states of consciousness which make them feel more alive. When we are not operating in the “on” mode we and others in our lives miss out on experiencing the funniest, smartest, most relaxed, compassionate, and loving parts of ourselves.

Zero Stress Prosperity: There is more action in our lives today, compared to our older relatives lives (parents and/or their parents). They may have lived life with one story line, like a three-act play. We often have more themes (types of experiences) going on in our lives.

The Zero Stress Diet, Zero Stress Relationships, Zero Stress Transitions, and Zero Stress Prosperity are sold separately. They can be purchased through

I recommend this book for anybody that wants to strive for zero stress in their lives.

My review = 5 out of 5 stars

Disclosure of material connection: I received a complimentary copy of the advanced reader’s copy from Bostick Communications / Dan Kass. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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