Monday, May 12, 2014

Book Review: Isaiah in Effect! by Mike Spidle

Isaiah~In Effect! is an interesting book that reveals how prophetic events in the Biblical book of Isaiah are being played out in front of our very eyes. Mike Spidle explains in detail prophetic events that have already happened and have not yet occurred. There are no chapters in this book, guiding the readers through the timeline of events that have already happened. There is also information from another book Mike wrote called The Sign of the Son!, explaining blood moon tetrads.

I had never realized that a lot of Isaiah’s prophecies have already been fulfilled today. It was great to be able to see the Bible prophecies paired up to world events. The timeline in the back of the book was very helpful to me, showing prophecies in Isaiah that have been fulfilled, and prophecies that are still unfulfilled. I loved reading the call to action at the back of the book, urging readers that it is important to have a relationship with Jesus (Yeshua) because he paid the payment for our sins and we are in need of his gift to receive eternal life.

Disclosure of material connection: I borrowed a copy of this book from a friend for this review.

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