Sunday, November 25, 2012

Book Review: The Pink Cat in the Window by Catherine Elio

A young girl is recovering from an operation on her leg when she notices a pink cat in a window, high up on the top floor of a building, very far away from where her daddy is wheeling her in the wheelchair she is sitting in. She looks forward to her rehabilitation appointments with her doctor because she wants to see the pink cat in the window, although some days the cat isn't there. When her mommy, daddy, and doctor also want to see the pink cat the girl discovers something about the cat that she would never have if she didn't try to get a closer look.

My two nieces find joy in spending time with three cats that my brother and sister-in-law took on, which is what inspired me to want to read and review this book. Other people in my family have also been cat lovers for many years, including myself. I really enjoyed seeing how the pink cat brightened up the little girl in this book; it helped her take her mind off her rehabilitation while she was going through it. Her joy about the cat even overflowed onto other people, which is something I know that children have a gift of often accomplishing. I enjoyed the colorful pictures in this book also, and they will probably bring this story more alive to the children who hear/read it.

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