Monday, November 5, 2012

Book Review: Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread by Wilbur E. Flannery

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread is a collection of prayers related to special events (such as graduations), election days, gratitude, holidays, groups (such as Police or Law Enforcement, Red Cross), our needs, etc. Each prayer seems to start with a way to adore, honor, and/or praise God and ends with a blessing for food. It uses the word “we” and “us” in the prayers (all of the prayers from what I could see), focusing on the group of God’s children and not on individual needs.

I prayed some of the prayers using the word “us” and “we” as I prayed them and I sometimes edited them and prayed them as individual prayers with the word “I” if I was reaching out to God for something individually. I started to wonder how often/if I should be praying much for my individual needs since "The Lord’s Prayer" in Matthew 6:9-15 uses the words “Our”, “Us”, and “We”. This makes me question if I need to change the way I pray. I am not sure why there is always a blessing for food at the end of the prayers in this book because who knows whether or not the person that will be praying them will be eating anytime soon after the prayers, although maybe the author wrote these prayers specifically to be spoken before meals (that's what the title of this book might suggest). Or, he could have modeled the prayers after the Lord’s prayer. I also found that it came in handy to be reading this prayer book during the Presidential election season.

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