Friday, August 31, 2012

Book Review: The Deep Roots of the Olive Tree by Rabstor Robert Brown

In The Deep Roots of the Olive Tree Rabstor Robert Brown uses some of his personal stories of becoming a Yeshua-follower (Jesus-follower) to teach both Jews and non-Jews what becoming a follower is like for a Jewish person who wants to keep his Jewish identity. He covers topics such as Saturday Sabbath, the Spring and Fall Feasts, how Jews and non-Jews in Yeshua (Jesus) are “one new man”, how Jewish people can accept Yeshua and still stay Jewish, conversion to Judaism, Jewish history, the life and biography of Yeshua, Messianic miracles, etc. He also tries to persuade Jewish people that the New Testament is also for them. He uses many Biblical verses to prove his points as well as brings up information from other writers’ works that he researched.

What caught my attention the most in this book is when the author speaks of how Biblical Judaism has been replaced by Rabbinic Judaism over the course of many centuries. This has given me an interest to find out what Biblical Judaism is supposed to be like. What was also interesting for me to learn is that Yeshua is spoken about almost 100 times throughout the Old Testament; I was aware that he was spoken about in the Old Testament just not that many times. I could sense that Rabstor Brown was trying to make unity better between Jews and non-Jews throughout the book. This will be a book I might come back to at some point because there was a lot of information in it and I would like to eventually absorb more parts of it that I might have not yet absorbed.

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