Saturday, August 25, 2012

Book Review: Cruel Harvest by Fran Elizabeth Grubb

Cruel Harvest is a memoir about the abuses that Fran Elizabeth Grubb endured in her life. It mainly centers around the abuses from her father and how her mother and siblings also suffered as a result of those abuses. Fran missed out on many things that many people take for granted in life; she lived in places as a child that some people cannot image living in, she had to do without food sometimes, she also craved to catch the school bus and attend school with other children but that was not something that she was allowed to do most of her childhood life. She shows the readers how the horrific experiences she endured in her life drew her to God and how God eventually brought her back to the family members that she was separated from.

This is a book I often stayed up late at night to read, which doesn’t happen to me very often. Fran’s story interested me because I have also seen much abuse in my life. As I was reading her story I often thought “How cruel!” when I came across something that happened that seemed inhuman for a person to have to endure from another person.  She shares her thoughts about what she was feeling during times of the abuse without going into many graphic details of the abuse that are too hard to read about. She tells her story in ways that seemed full of gracefulness and eventually forgiveness; in fact, she spoke in the most graceful ways that I believe a person who has been abused can speak. I really don’t understand why people have to go through such cruelty but I believe that in God’s timing he will turn what happened around with people who have been abused for his good and glory if they allow him to.

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