Monday, July 16, 2012

Book Review: Moses and Jesus: A Conversation by Joel Cohen

Moses and Jesus: A Conversation is a fictionalized conversation that Moses and Jesus have. Moses and Jesus agree and disagree mostly about the Law of Moses and how Jesus made changes in regards to that law. Depending on how people have been taught, some people may learn from the conversation that Jesus made things better in regards to the Law of Moses, other people may look at it as how Jesus may have changed the Law of Moses, and other people may look at it as Jesus totally doing away with the Law of Moses. Depending on people’s beliefs they will probably find themselves having a better understanding of the side of Jesus or Moses, or both in this conversation.

Before I even started reading this book I knew I would understand Jesus’ side better in this conversation between Moses and Jesus. He’s my role model so his part of the conversation that was explained from his side is what I wanted to understand better, which is what I found happening. Jesus reached out to both Jews and Gentiles; he also could be found among many other types of people such as the disabled, poor, lonely, and the lost. There were some words that Moses spoke that made sense to me, also. Another part I loved between Moses and Jesus’ conversation is that Moses and Jesus agreed on Saturday as being the Sabbath day. So, this book helped to me to understand better that the Law of Moses was probably not done away with, but made better by Jesus.

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