Friday, June 8, 2012

Book Review: Alfabeto Crossover Alphabet by Peggy Edwards

*****This review is meant for parents, teachers, and other people that work with children to read.*****

Alfabeto Crossover Alphabet teaches children how to use letters to crossover English words to Spanish words, or it can also be used to crossover Spanish words to English words.  At the beginning of the book, before the alfabeto/alphabet starts the crossover there is a list of letters and words that will be used and how they crossover into the opposite language. Each page after the introduction shows the letter in the alfabeto/alphabet with a word that is used to describe the letter in English and Spanish, as well as a colorful drawing of the words are described for each letter.

This book would be good for Spanish or English students to have read/explained to them if they are in a country that speaks the opposite language (either English for Spanish-speaking children, or Spanish for English-speaking children) and they do not know their alfabeto/alphabet yet. I liked how the pictures included both the letters of the alfabeto/alphabet and a drawing of what word they were using to describe the letter of the alfabeto/alphabet (example: the letter “T” is drawn, the words “train” (English), “tren” (Spanish) are written, and there is a colorful picture of the “train’/”tren” as well).

This would probably be a good book for most ESL teachers to have available for Spanish children that have not learned how to crossover the English alphabet yet.  On the other hand, it would probably also be good for Spanish teachers to have available for English students that have not learned to crossover the Spanish alfabeto yet.

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