Thursday, April 5, 2012

E-Book Review: I Didn't Sign Up For This by Aaron Sharp

The Biblical foundation for this book is 1 Kings 19 about Elijah and how he wanted to get out of his detour but God had another plan for him. Chapters 4-10 list the parts of 1 Kings 19 that each chapter is about. This book teaches what causes detours in people’s lives and explains that often when people go through detours they are really searching for a way back home. The downward spiral that happens when people are often on detours is also explained. This book paints a very clear picture about how Elijah ended up on his detour and breaks down 1 Kings 19 in a very understandable way. It also explains how to use the Bible to find ways to relate to situations to help people retrace the steps of how they ended up on detours, instead of looking for personal messages when they are on them.

I learned from this book that the beginning of a detour often happens because of unmet expectations. We often get frustrated about our expectations because they revolve around us while God is focused on his purposes. When we are thinking of just our future or our family’s future we are thinking of ourselves and not of people we don’t know, this gives me the impression that we need to try to take time each day to focus on the needs of others while not neglecting our families, or ourselves. Also, everyone will experience times of sadness, doubt, fear, and depression and it’s unspiritual to hide these emotions. It was also interesting to learn that the author thinks we are all trained actors; human beings often putting on acts that everything is okay to make others think that we have no serious problems. And a special bonus in reading this book for me was when I learned that a chiasm is a Hebrew way of telling a story, which is how 1 Kings 19 is told. A chiasm puts the climax in the middle of the story, instead of at the end like we are used to (in America at least).

This book seems like it would benefit people who want to understand better why they are going through the detours of life and need encouragement and Biblical reasons while they are going through them. People who read this book will be given a deeper understanding that there will be times that God stays silent, times when he decides to intervene, and times when he decides to speak.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I viewed this e-book (galley) free from the publisher through I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. 

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