Monday, April 2, 2012

E-Book Review: The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher by KM Logan

In The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher, KM Logan uses her experiences from being a music pedagogy teacher to help potential first time independent music teachers use their gift of teaching piano to glorify God. She encourages readers to seek God’s will for their lives in this area. When reading this book, potential piano teachers can be inspired to use their gifting to their fullest potential.

Readers have the opportunity to think about questions such as:

Do I really enjoy teaching students how to play the piano?
How many students do I want to teach?
What type of expenses will I have?
What type of piano should I use?
Should I buy my own piano or use the pianos at my student’s houses?
Should I have a recital?
Am I ready to teach piano lessons?

I was thrilled to be asked to review this e-book because of my love for music. My favorite section from this e-book is “What Considerations Should I Give to Teaching Special Needs Students?” because it helps open the music world up on a deeper level for people with special needs who have music abilities ingrained inside of them. This book has encouraged me to find out if there are musical gifts on the inside of me and I am prayerfully asking God to bring them out if he wants to.

I really believe this book will not only encourage future piano teachers to allow their talents to come out but will also encourage people with other musical talents to pray that God would allow their talents to come out of them as well.

Where you can purchase The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher:

I received a complimentary e-book copy of ”The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher” from author KM Logan for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own.


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