Thursday, April 5, 2012

Book Review: God is No Respecter of Persons by Pascale L. Williams

The God is No Respecter of Persons book is a "Course Designed to Increase Multicultural Understanding, Relationships, and Ministry Among Christians". It touches on differences between Native Americans/American Indians, Black Americans/African Americans, Hispanic Americans/Latinos, and even Northerners and Southerners. After these groups are described “areas of concern voiced by some individuals who identify with this group” are listed. There are also many Hebrew/Jewish references in the book as well. This is a teacher’s (facilitator’s) manual and there are three assignments and a final exam that are included for students to take.

I was thinking about the title “God is No Respecter of Persons” one day as I was reading this course and I thought it sounded like God doesn’t respect people but then I came to the realization that what I think the title means is that God doesn’t show favoritism over one group of people compared to other groups of people. It was stated in the book that people who are taking this course should say “ouch” when something makes them feel uncomfortable or they disagree with anything in this course. Unbelievably I didn’t feel any “ouch” moments while reading this book, maybe because I’ve seen and experienced a lot of diversity in the world, and in the body of Christ.

One of my favorite parts of the course was when I learned that at first the apostles sought to establish a church consisting of Jews and Jewish proselytes, which would have otherwise been known as the Jewish Christian Church. This changed after God permitted Gentiles to be preached to which enabled them to be admitted into full fellowship with Jewish believers/followers of Christ. My next favorite part of the book was this quote on page 13: “Oneness is not equal to sameness. Oneness means to be in unity/harmony. In the same way that a variety of instruments must be in harmony in a symphony, God’s people of diverse cultures can be united/one in purpose and direction.”

I didn’t have time to actually take the course in the book, since I had a time limit to review this course. I fully read through the course and looked up some of the Scriptures listed though. I hope to go into more depth with this course later. This book touched me greatly from just reading it and I know it would touch me even more if I sit down and take the course with a partner or a group one day.

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