Thursday, March 22, 2012

Book Review: Serenity Workbook by Amaryllis Thomas

The Serenity Workbook is meant to be used with a book titled “Serenity”. It was made to help anybody who is in a twelve-step program to apply the Scriptures associated with serenity and the twelve-steps to their daily lives. There are many question and answers related to each topic with Scriptures listed to help the participants find the answers to the questions. It focuses on a group effort when discussing the answers in the workbook. There is a wonderful Scripture / Spirit Key located at the back of the book that helps readers to recognize different kinds of spirits that people can possess (spirits of fear, heaviness, jealously, pride, etc.).

I wasn’t sure which “Serenity” book to use with this workbook because I have noticed that there is more than one, so I used the workbook without any of the “Serenity” books. I felt that it benefited me to use this workbook this way but it might have benefited me more if I had used the “Serenity” book that is meant to be used with it. As I was studying the Scriptures from this workbook, I wrote my own titles out beside some of the sections to help me to understand what the study personally helped me learn (asking and not receiving, losing people and possessions to test our hearts, God knew who his prophets would be, etc.).

This book will most likely compliment twelve-step group meetings where outside literature is allowed to be used.

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