Sunday, March 4, 2012

Book Review: The History of Ancient Israel and Judah: A Compilation by Jerome Clayton Ross

The History of Ancient Israel and Judah: A Compilation describes the early history of Ancient Israel, such as what the ancient tribes of Israel and Judah and the Yahwists were like during Biblical times. It also brings up other topics such as the "The Jesus Movement" and assimilation. There is a rather lengthy chapter synopsis and endnotes section at the end of most chapters. There are also a lot of Scriptures used to back up the information presented. The goal is to understand the oral and written conversations in the Biblical text the way that the ancient Yahwists did. This book is like a research project compiled into a book.

My Bible uses the name “Yahweh” in place of “God” a lot and I was curious to understand who the Yahwists were and if they still exist, which is why I decided to read this book. Although a lot of information that was presented in this book was over my head, this book taught me that the Yahwists were considered a cult in Biblical times and that Jesus was a Yahwist, who was influenced by both Samaritan and Zionist Yahwism; he was a first century Jew who was also sympathetic to Gentiles.

This book helped me to come to the conclusion that I must have become a little bit of an exegete-interpreter, which is a person who is forced to re-evaluate and re-formulate, and possibly disregard the denominational traditions that have been articulated and embraced uncritically and unquestioningly by many.

I recommend this book to anybody that is curious about learning more about what life was like in Biblical times in a compilation format.

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