Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Video Review: Bridging the Racial Divide

My Review of Bridging the Racial Divide:
(Filmed from Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, IL):

In Bridging the Racial Divide the problem of racial discrimination is focused on, not just in our world but also within the body of Christ. Matthew 22:39 (about loving your neighbor as yourself) seems to be the foundation of the message for the video.

Racial discrimination stories are shared by different people who have experienced racial mistreatment in their lives; this part of the video did not specifically center on African-American people but people of other races as well. The people talked how the racial discrimination/mistreatment made them feel. The stories and music that are shared are supposed to sensitize the heart before the message is given (it did a good job of sensitizing mine).

A short message (sermon) is spoken by Bill Hybels that focuses on oppression that African-Americans have faced in our world.

David Anderson and Brent Zuercher, co-authors of the book Letters Across the Divide share their stories of how they came to know each other and how they worked through some racial problems that they had towards the opposite race, since one author is African-American and one is Caucasian.

A special bonus is that the video contains a lot of touching music that is sung live!

I had intended on watching this video in sections but once it started I didn’t want to push the “stop” button. Even though it was made in April of 2001 it can still motivate and help people who want to fix racial disunity in the body of Christ. I recommend this video to everybody within the body of Christ to promote more unity in our world.

Included below is one of the songs that is performed during the video. I love the picture at 1:39 in this song of people of different religions coming together.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this video free from my workplace for this review.

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