Saturday, February 4, 2012

E-Book Review: Behind the Iron Curtain: Tears in the Perfect Hockey “GULGAG” by Maxim Starchenko

Behind the Iron Curtain: Tears in the Perfect Hockey “GULGAG” gives an account of the abuse that Maxim Starchenko suffered at the hands of his hockey coach when he was a child. The explanations of the abuse give the readers very detailed pictures of what happened to him during the many years when he was on the hockey team. He explains at the beginning of the book that this is a shortened version of the abuse that happened to him.

I am pretty convinced that Maxim has come forward to share this story about the abuse that happened to him because he wants to protect this from happening to any more children and to encourage other players to come forward who also experienced the abuse. I could only handle reading about 10-20 pages of this book per day because the explanations of the abuse he endured were hard for me to constantly take in. I felt it was a much needed book for me to read though because I want to support Maxim if this story is true.

I am a violence survivor so it might have been easier for me to read this book than others because I understand the “abuse” language among survivors pretty well. Previewing this book through an online bookstore might be good for some people before they decide to read the book, only because not everybody can handle reading or hearing about abuse and there are a lot of different kinds of abuse described in this book, such as physical, emotional, and mental abuse. It also would be a good book for parents to read if they think their child is showing signs of being abused.

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