Friday, December 2, 2011

Book Review: Alone in Unity by Faris Georgis

Faris Georgis shares his journey of learning about different religions. He has it narrowed down to two types of denominations that he thinks could be the true type of congregation that he thinks Jesus wanted (wants) us to have and he participates with both of them. He also finds himself in unity with a lot of other Christian denominations because the foundations of these churches have some things in common with the denominations that he regularly participates with.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book…

Throughout the book I felt like I was traveling on a learning journey with the author. He admits that he hasn’t figured everything out and gives his humble opinion in many places throughout the book. Matthew 16:17-18 was the Biblical foundation of this book for me, where Jesus tells Peter that he will build His church upon a rock, which signified to me that whatever type of church (congregation) that Peter built with Jesus’ authority is the kind of congregation that we most likely should be involved with today as Christ-followers.

I feel like this book might cause disunity with Messianic Jews and Christian Jews because there are various places in the book that give the impression that if you’re Jewish you aren't a Christ-follower, such as on page 70 where it states “Jews have not recognized Jesus as the Messiah, but that does not mean that they will not one day. There is no fundamental conflict in principles here, between Jews and Christians. The conflict is only in human interpretation as seen from a certain perspective.”. I know a lot of Jewish people who say that they do have a relationship with Jesus, both in Messianic Judaism and Christianity, which makes me think this type of statement will cause disunity. He does seem to get a little softer about this issue towards the end of the book.

The reader is invited to try to figure unity out on their own among the many Christian (Christ-following) denominations and to be open to the suggestion that Christians should humble themselves to allowing one leader to be in charge of leading one true type of congregation, this is so that all of Christ’s followers can have unity.

I recommend that people who are followers of Jesus read this book for the purpose of learning more about having unity within Christ’s body but to also keep an open mind that possibly the denominations that the author has spoken about might or might not be the true type of congregation, if there is only supposed to be one.

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  1. My comments on this book - There were so many insights and learnings as I progressed through this wonderful book and I highly recommend it. I truly appreciated the amount of research that the author undertook and you could see how learnings from this research helped him on his own personal path of understanding. Paired with the author's own story that is woven throughout the pages, I learned a great deal of his struggles and the work he did to come to terms with them. Even though I have not experienced the author's same struggles, my conversion to Catholicism had its own issues and I gleened some valuable insights from the facts and interpretations contained in this book.