Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book Review: A Book of Prayers: Volume 1 by Kathleen E. Rogers

A Book of Prayers: Volume 1 is a book of prayers to pray for many people such as our families, congregations, government, and our world. It is 104 pages long and is filled with prayers that you can pray once or many times. There are many Bible verses listed regarding the prayers as well. Before of after the prayers are prayed the verses can be read and the prayer/reader will be able to see that they just prayed for something that came from the Bible. There is even a partial list of prayers in the book that highlights where you can find some of the prayers that were prayed by people in the Bible.

One of the great things that happened to me one day after I prayed a series of prayers from this book is that I believe God spoke to me about what I was praying about. I turned to the next page after I was done praying and it was like God wrote a letter back to answer what I had just prayed about.

I looked forward to pulling the book out to read the prayers various times. I liked that the prayers concentrated on so many different groups of people. I also liked that some of the prayers focused on Israel and that you could fill in the blanks in some places in the book to make the prayers more specific. For me, it was an all-around great book of prayers. I am sure it can benefit many more people such as people who want to increase their prayer life and the people who the prayers are being prayed about.

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