Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Blog Tour and Contest Information: Zombie Church by Tyler Edwards

Is your congregation following Jesus’ examples of reaching out to lost and hurting people, or is it full of zombies?

Zombie Church describes that some congregations are infected with zombies. A zombie church is a metaphor describing a congregation that looks alive spiritually from the outside but is really not alive spiritually; they are not putting into practice what Jesus taught very much or at all. It can also be described as a sick congregation. It is easy to be infected by zombies within a zombie church, which can cause people to become zombies themselves. It emphasizes that creating a lot of social clubs and events within the congregation is not the answer to solve the problem in the body of Christ of not reaching lost and hurting people.

One of the important things I learned from this book is that to fix the zombie church problem it is important for people in congregations to reach out to hurting and lost people more than taking care of the members inside of their congregational bodies; this requires the need for Jesus’ love to flow through the congregational members to the people who need to be reached, usually outside of the walls of the congregation. It also encourages people not to give up on zombie churches and explains that sometimes it just takes one person to turn around a zombie church.

I like Tyler Edwards' humbleness of describing that the congregational body he leads isn’t perfect and that they are contributing to the zombie church problem as well. I also like how it is described that congregations should change their thinking from “Where do we find the help we need?” to “What do we do with all the help that we have?”. I have also come to the realization that there can be zombies walking around inside of spiritually-alive congregations as well and that those congregational bodies can think of ways to draw those people in; the fact that those people are not lost out in the world anymore doesn’t mean they aren’t lost within your congregations.

Congregational spiritual leaders and congregational members who want to follow Jesus’ examples of reaching out to lost and hurting people could benefit greatly from reading this book; it will help them discern better about whether their congregation is a zombie church or not.

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  1. When churches take their primary focus off of Jesus they begin to decay and get off track and become destructive zombie churches. The good news is it only takes one person who is willing to stand out, stand up, and stand for the kingdom of God to transform the church into the beautiful bride God intended her to be. Pointing out issues is easy because it is no secret the church has problems but: life conquers death, truth conquers lies, and thanks to Jesus hope remains not just for our eternity but for the church as well.