Thursday, April 27, 2017

Book Review: Tranquility: A Prayer Reflection and Coloring Journal

This is a very nice journal to help maintain calmness, quietness, peacefulness, and serenity. It contains prayers, spiritual reflections, Bible verses, and/or writing and drawing exercises on the left-sided pages and something to color related to that on the right-sided pages. Sometimes it switches between the left and right-sided pages for room to write. There is usually something to color on the left side of the page also, but usually not as much as on the right side. People can pray the written prayers and record their random thoughts about the topics for each reflection. Sometimes Bible verses are included within the drawings on the right-sided pages also. Sometimes there is a lot of room to write or draw and sometimes a medium or small amount of space. The exercises throughout the book encourage a deeper spiritual relationship.

This prayer reflection and coloring journal has been a great supplement for to use while I have been reading an interactive spiritual book that encourages me to write out my thoughts from the teachings in the book. I have written out some of the questions and my answers to those questions on pages with the same kinds of topics. There was usually just about the right amount of space to use on the pages for what I wrote. It was nice to have this book to color in also, to me that makes it a more personalized journal. I love that there are prayers included throughout the book that focus on verses on Scriptures, that way I can bring up Scripture to God as I am praying.

I am very glad to have come across this journal! It is probably going to be a keepsake journal for a lot of people!

My review = 5 out of 5 stars

I received this book free for the purpose of reviewing it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Specialty Bible Review: The Woman's Study Bible (NKJV)

This Woman's Study Bible uses the New King James Version. It has a soft leather-like cover and contains many study resources throughout the text, such as Bible book introductions, devotionals, Bible information charts, diagrams, pictures, Bible verse study notes, a reference guide to the special features (index), a money and measurement translations/equivalents chart, and color maps. It also provides quotes from godly women throughout the pages. I also noticed that there are many gift/intro pages throughout the first pages, such as "This Bible Belongs To", the "Ketubah Marriage Contract", "Family History", "Special Family Memories", and "My Spiritual Mothers" pages.

This specialty Bible is packed full of study help and information throughout the pages. It goes in depth about various topics about Jesus (Yeshua), Biblical women, issues important to women, and other important information and topics in the Bible .

The study notes opened up the Bible deeper to me than I think any specialty Bible ever has. For example, in the book of Philemon it displays a chart of "Women Using Their Gifts in the Early Church". The chart lists the women, what they did, along with Bible verses to show where the women's stories are located in the Bible.

The quotes from women throughout the text were something different than what I used to but in a way I think that brings present and past followers of Yeshua (Jesus) alongside ancient text to provide encouragement.

One of the pages in this Bible didn't get trimmed down in the manufacturing process before it was sent to me and sticks out a lot, but I think I can easily fix that with a pair of scissors. All the other pages look fine though. 

I am probably going to be purchasing some Bible book tabs for this Bible, which shows me that this is probably going to the Bible I use often if I am interested in tabbing the pages.

My review= 5 out of 5 stars

I received this specialty Bible free for the purpose of reviewing it.

More about The Woman's Study Bible:

The Woman's Study Bible 

poignantly reveals the Word of God to women, inviting them to receive God's truth for balance, hope, and transformation.

Special features designed to speak to a woman's heart appear throughout the Bible text, revealing Scripture-based insights about how godly womanhood grows from a woman's identity as a Christ-follower and a child of the Kingdom.

Now with a beautiful full-color redesign, The Woman's Study Bible reflects the contributions of over 80 women from a wide variety of ethnic, denominational, educational, and occupational backgrounds. Since the publication of the first edition of The Woman's Study Bible under the editorial guidance of Dorothy Kelley Patterson and Rhonda Harrington Kelley, this landmark study Bible has sold over 1.5 million copies.

Features Include:

-Beautiful full-color design throughout

-Detailed biographical portraits of over 100 biblical women

-Thousands of extensive verse-by-verse study notes

-Over 300 in-text topical articles on relevant issues

-Insightful essays by women who are recognized experts in the fields of theology, biblical studies, archaeology, and philosophy

-Book introductions and outlines

-Hundreds of full-color in-text maps, charts, timelines, and family trees

-Quotes from godly women throughout history

-Set of full-page maps of the biblical world

-Topical index


About the publisher:

In business since 1798, Thomas Nelson is one of the oldest Bible publishers in the world and the largest publisher of the King James Version. Their mission is to inspire the world by using our talents, assets, opportunities, and influence to engage and equip people with Scripture and draw people to a deeper study and understanding of God's Word.
Find out more about Thomas at
The Women's Study Bible Contest Information:

You're invited to receive God's truth for balance, hope, and transformation in the fully revised and redesigned"

The new edition features a beautiful, full-color redesign and poignantly reveals the Word of God with Scripture insights and the contributions of more than eighty women from a wide variety of ethnic, denominational, educational, and occupational backgrounds. Special features designed to speak to a woman's heart appear throughout the Bible text, revealing Scripture-based insights about how godly womanhood grows from a woman's identity as a Christ-follower and a child of the Kingdom.

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    Sunday, April 23, 2017

    Bye, bye Erin Moran, one of the greatest actresses ever. I will miss you and I will remember your great work.

    "Happy Days"

    "Joanie Loves Chachi"

    Sunday, April 16, 2017

    Book Blog Tour: Sandpiper Cove by Irene Hannon

    Adam Stone is new to Hope Harbor. He has turned the other direction from a life that got him in trouble with the law. Lexie Graham is a police chief who makes sure Hope Harbor stays safe. When she works to find out who is causing some vandalism in the town, she meets Adam who is the victim of some of the crimes. She finds herself being extra kind to him, and her family starts doing the same. She doesn't understand how the town is going to take it when she ends up spending more time with him, in ways other than through work. Adam cares about Lexie too much to damage or destroy her career if people will not take it well, and he doesn't feel worthy of her since he has been on the other side of the law before.

    I really liked that a pastor of a church poured his time into Adam while he was in jail/prison and that he was there for him when he got out. It was great to see that Adam allowed the pastor to help him and also that he allowed God to use himself to help others. I liked how most of the people in Hope Harbor didn't let his felon past to define him, and could see what he was really like in the present. I loved to see the ripple effect of people helping others in this novel after they had been helped, and how people's lives were turned around for the better because of that.

    One of the themes in this book will reach out to people who feel like the only option is to hang out with the wrong kind of people and how it can hurt their lives, and it will show them how they can trust God to send the right kind of people into their lives instead.

    My review = 5 out of 5 stars

    I received this book free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

    Friday, April 14, 2017

    Bible Review: Princess Bible: ICB Translation

    This review is meant for parents, teachers, and other people that work with children to read.

    This Princess Specialty Bible is a Bible for young girls. It is not a Bible storybook, it uses the ICB (International Children's Bible) Translation. It contains full Bible text and includes some inspirational pages in between the Bible text. Children will come across pages such as "How Do I Know Jesus Loves Me?", "How Do I Forgive?", and "How Do I Study the Bible?". Additional learning pages in the back of this Bible include "The Names of God", "The Miracles of Jesus", "The Disciples", and "Kids in the Bible". There are colored maps in the back of this Bible. It also includes a small coloring book with stickers that match some of the pictures in the coloring book and the Bible.

    I like that there is timeline called "The church continues until the Lord returns" before the Bible text starts. I also like that the ICB translation comes from the original Hebrew and Greek languages.  I could see some differences in this translation versus another translation I use when I read the book of Jude side-by-side. I also like that it lists some key topics with Bible verses that some children might be familiar with before the Bible text starts.

    There is a sticker at the bottom of the Bible I received that says "Princess Sparkle Bible with FREE Coloring Book & Stickers". The front cover and side binding of the Bible look kind of sparkly with the gold and gray colors but I didn't notice any other kind of sparkle look throughout the learning pages. There are stars, hearts, flowers, etc. but they don't really sparkle to me in the Bible or in the stickers. Those pages in this Bible and the stickers are colorful to me though. I believe that the coloring book and stickers will add a lot of fun for some girls with using this Bible even without a sparkly look of gold, gray, or glitter in them.

    There is also a dictionary in the back of the book that will probably be helpful to children that use it; it defines some words in the Bible, even some of the people in the Bible. I feel it is a good Bible with a good translation; it will bring the whole Bible text to children with some explanations in between the Bible text.

    My review= 5 out of 5 stars

    Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this Specialty Bible free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

    Wednesday, April 12, 2017

    Book Review: If You Were Me and Lived in...The Mayan Empire by Carole P. Roman, Illustrated by Paula Tabor

    This review is meant for parents, teachers, and other people that work with children to read.

    If You Were Me and Lived in...The Mayan Empire explains what it could've been like to live during the Mayan Civilization in the year 572. Through the book children will learn information such as what the Mayans used for writing (what they wrote on), where they lived, popular names, how they dressed, what homes looked like, what work was like and how it was different for males and females, how children were educated, and a popular game.

    It was interesting for me to learn that corn was eaten every meal and that Mayan people loved to wear jewelry and decorated their teeth. It was also interesting to learn that Mayans were more accepted if they had crossed eyes and flat heads.

    Even though it might be true, I wish that the story didn't talk about how Mayans worshipped different Gods. It brought that up too much for me. I would probably want to skip the parts of the book that talked about them if I ever read this to any children.

    Some people (both children and adults) might find it interesting to learn that the Mayans didn't have a middle class and how people were divided up into levels. Life was very hard for peasants.

    The book does a great job of following the format of the same kind of topics as the other books in this civilization series!

    My review= 3 out of 5 stars

    I received this book free for the purpose of reviewing it.

    Friday, March 31, 2017

    Book Review: If You Were Me and Lived in...Germany by Carole P.Roman, Illustrated by Kelsea Wierenga

    This review is meant for parents, teachers, and other people that work with children to read.

    If You Were Me and Lived in...Germany is another addition to the A Child's Introduction to Culture Around the World series. It follows the format of the other books in the series. It gives information about the capital of Germany, popular boys and girls names, food, tourist attractions, games, what you call school and dolls, plus some other information about Germany. Throughout the book German language is used with English wordage and pictures describing those words. There is also a glossary in the back of the book defining those words in English.

    Children will learn a lot of information about Germany in this book but not so much that will overwhelm them. They will also learn about some firsts with Germany, like how works from a German composer became what are considered the foundation of opera and one of the first savings banks was established in Germany. Some children might be able to now understand where Oktoberfest, which is celebrated in America in some places, came from. Children will probably also recognize how some of the food that is eaten in America came from Germany, such as hot brezel is an oversized pretzel.

    Not only would this book good to have in class libraries with other books in the series it is also good for homeschool libraries.

    My review= 5 out of 5 stars

    I received this book free for the purpose of reviewing it.